The decision had been made to purchase a new Marlow Hunter 33 and the budget had been set. OK, now you know the boat you want! Find it and start negotiating.

A trip to the Miami Boat Show to see the new Marlow Hunter in the water was helpful. And, as a side benefit there were a few brokers there. So a broker was decided upon and a contact date and time was set.

Choosing a broker is also an important step. He/she must be knowledgeable AND he/she must be someone willing to spend time with you. If the broker has the “if you have to ask the cost, then you shouldn’t be buying a boat” attitude, then find another broker.

My broker was recently licensed but was part of a larger firm with lots of resources. She had been around boats for most of her life and was very energetic and helpful. She was aware of my bottom line, in the water number, and she was able to modify a Marlow Hunter special package to fit my needs and budget.

I had decided not to have an air conditioner installed because of the cost, and my priorities, and when one of the major partners in the brokerage heard about this, they decided to include the A/C at no cost. And I accepted!😃

I was more than pleased with the service I received from the brokerage firm that handled the sale of my new boat. The Sunday II.

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