Maiden Voyage

The sea trials are over, the introduction lessons are over, and the crew is in St. Augustine and ready to go. The boat has been signed off and accepted and we are preparing to get underway.

There are two options: One, go out of the St. Augustine Inlet into the Atlantic Ocean and spend about 60 hours at sea. Two, stay inland and use the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) and split the trip into 2 nights, staying at marinas along the way.

One of my crew-members is a retired United States Coast Guard Master Chief with years of boating experience. After looking at my punch list we felt it best to stay “inside” in-case there are additional problems. ** My other crew-member is the wife of the USCG chief and she is also an EMS Paramedic. We had all of our bases covered.😎


A Draw Bridge on the Intracoastal Waterway

We departed St. Augustine for the Halifax Marina via the ICW. We stayed overnight in the marina then departed the next morning for the Titusville Marina. After an overnight stay in Titusville we headed for the Vero Beach City Marina, which will be Sunday II’s home port.

When we departed the Titusville marina, I spotted a sailboat tied to a mooring that looked exactly like Sunday I, our first boat. She would have been over 40 years old by now. I think I heard her say, “I wish you joy!”, which is an old saying in the English navy.


The Vero Beach City Marina and Mooring Fields


Driveway Entrance Into The Vero Beach City Marina

**When I think back on this, and if I had to do it all over again, I would take about two weeks in St. Augustine and thoroughly go over the boat. Do not sign off on the boat until all of the problems I have found were taken care of by the manufacture. To be sure, some of the problems did not show up immediately, but many of them should have been corrected while Sunday II was in the yard at St. Augustine. As a teacher, I often told my students, Do Not Hurry, Do Not Worry, Do Not Be Afraid. I should have listened.

The Sloop John B

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