Trouble in Marina City

The Vero Beach marina is a Municipal Marina. Which means it is owned and operated by the City of Vero Beach. Which means it is often mired by bureaucracy and shifting politics and when you add to this, poor reporting, by some of the local newspapers you have a big mess

First, let’s look at the politics. You have an elected city council that is called upon to make decisions about the city marina. How many of these elected council members have experience running any kind of a business? How many of them have experience in running a marina? Do any of them even own a boat? You also have an appointed City Manager who tries to keep the city council together and more often than not this manager has to shift positions every two years after an election.

Vero Beach City Council

Our marina has a Captain’s Lounge and during the off season, not many of the local boaters visit this lounge, the reason being, it is often frequented by “sowers of discord”. You probably recognize this group. They have nothing good to say about anything, and most of what they do say is bull hooey. Yet, on two separate occasions this is where a reporter from one of our local free newspapers gathered and printed their misleading and deceptive nonsense. The reporter would have received an entirely different picture had they “interviewed” the hundreds of visitors that come through our marina every year.

Considering all of the above, you can see why our marina “owners” have trouble making good decisions

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