Preparing To Get Underway

Family Coming to Visit

We are having visitors to VB next week and one family member who has never sailed with me wants to go out. I explained that it is a two hour trip to the Ft. Pierce Inlet, and two hours back. If the weather permits, we can spend some time day sailing in the Atlantic. Now I don’t know how strong everyone’s sea legs are, but at the first sign of sea sickness we are heading back inside.

What most people do not understand is you don’t just get onboard and go for a ride. I had to put the furling jib back on because I had it off for hurricane season. I made sure all batteries and jump start systems were fully charged. I checked out the engine and every thing seems OK at the dock. I checked jib halyard, jib sheets, out haul lines, reef lines, furling lines, and traveler lines. I also relabeled all snap blocks. Checked the weather forecast and it is iffy but I will be ready to go. I also had scheduled the yearly engine maintenance for next week but I can put this off for a few days.

Next, I will need to stock provisions for a day sail. One thing I will not do is drink alcoholic beverages while sailing. When you check Florida statistics, a large number of boating accidents are alcohol related. There will be a lot of boat traffic on the Inter coastal Waterway because many boaters who were down for the winter are starting to head back North.

In addition, once we are onboard I have a four page pre-sail check list I will have to go through with the crew. Make sure crew understands how to use the VHF radio in case of emergency is just one item on the check list.

These people will be ready!

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