A Major Change in Topic

Coronavirus Watch – 36th Lane (East) Community

The topic of this blog will shift from Sunday II to the Coronavirus pandemic currently (March 14th, 2020) spreading across the world.

The blog will be a tool for our community to share information related to this virus. Our target audience will be the families who live on 36th Lane (East) and, in a community spirit, agree to participate.

Information posted will be fact checked using data from the

Centers for Disease Control,

Indian River County Emergency Management Division,

Florida Department of Health,

and other sources as recommended and agreed upon by our blog community.

This blog will be interactive so community members can respond and have posted their coronavirus input as it relates to our community

4 Replies to “A Major Change in Topic”

  1. Thanks Delinda. Knowing there is a community awareness among our group adds at least one positive aspect to this crisis.

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