Minutes From Our First Meeting

Minutes From 36th Lane East Community Support Group Meeting

The organizational meeting was held on Tuesday, March 17, 2020 at 5:00 PM in the 36th Lane east cul-de-sac. There were 9 members of our community present.

After Don described what a Community Support Group might resemble, there was a consensus that such a group should be formed.

The three major topics that were discussed were, Communication, Resources, and Security.

In terms of Communication, Nancy volunteered to organize a Contact List. When the contact list is completed, Nancy will give it to Don for distribution to the group.

Keven volunteered to create a Telephone Tree. When the contact list is complete, Kevin will use this information to develop a telephone tree. Then the group will be instructed on how to use the tree.

Don will maintain an interactive blog for the group.  At the present time the blog is a “moderated” blog which means if you want to leave a comment, it has to pass thru a moderator before it is published on the blog. Don volunteered to provide tutoring for anyone who is interested.  The blog address is:  donsfamilyblog.org

In terms of Resources, Scott O, agreed to compile a list of resources that each household would be willing to share with the rest of our community group. We discussed what type of resources might be applicable. When we have a contact list, Scott will gather information from each household.

In terms of Security, Mike will research possible Security issues and suggest a plan if necessary. A concern was voiced about the construction activities and traffic going on in the community east of Oak Chase.

Lydia volunteered to look into Entertainment options that our group might have.

Don handed out his email address and blog address to the group.

Minutes of the meeting were taken by Nancy K.

Note: If any member has corrections or additions they would like to make to these minutes, please contact Nancy K via email or text or leave a comment in this blog.

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