Four benchmarks for a return to normalcy

How do officials know when it’s time to reopen public spaces and start to bring life back to normal? Researchers at the American Enterprise Institute gave us some indicators to look for:

Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash
  1. Hospitals must be able to safely treat all patients requiring hospitalization, without resorting to crisis standards of care. That means having adequate beds, ventilators and staff.
  2. The authorities must be able to test everyone who has symptoms, and to get reliable results quickly. That would be well more than 750,000 tests a week in the US.
  3. Health agencies must be able to monitor confirmed cases, trace contacts of the infected, and have at-risk people go into isolation or quarantine.
  4. There must be a sustained reduction in cases for at least 14 days, because it can take that long for symptoms to appear.

Read the complete research paper here:

American Enterprise Institute.

Information obtained from the NYT

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