When Will Florida Require Face Masks?

As Covid 19 continues to spread, and more locales require face masks, it seems inevitable that we will soon be compelled to wear some type of face covering when we need to venture outside.

We should plan ahead! (We may already be “behind the curve”.) When you scan the Internet for a face mask, you will find hundreds of offers. How do you choose? We are requested to avoid purchasing the N95 face mask, so that these masks may be available for our health care workers who are on the front line battling this virus.

So, why not have one made to acceptable specifications and constructed with quality material. Why not purchase a mask from a known, local, reputable source, and at a reasonable price?

I have been in contact with a young mother of two who has sewing experience and has made a prototype mask. She is now in production mode and will offer her masks for sale.

Here are the specs:

Material: 100% Egyptian Cotton. 1000 thread count. Her masks will be two-ply.

(When you hold these masks up to the light, no light gets through. But you can still breathe.)

The manufacture of the material offers these guarantees:

Pattern: The pattern used to make these masks is one provided by Kaiser Permanente.

Care Guide: Machine wash in warm water and tumble dry on low.

Experience: Over two years’ experience hand sewing children’s toys and selling them online.

The price of these hand made masks will be $5.00. 


I have ordered 10 of the masks and as soon as they are delivered, I will offer them to our group. If you are interested, please let me know.

Disclaimer: These masks are hand made by a relative of one of our group members.

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