How confirmed cases of coronavirus have spread across the world

The BBC has an eye-opening graphic on their web site. This animated graphic is based on data from the Johns Hopkins University. Click the link below and scroll down the page until you see How confirmed cases of coronavirus have spread and click on the play button.

The Rate at Which Covid 19 Spreads Across the World


The US shows up on the graphic around 23 January but pay particular attention to the US rate starting at the beginning of March.  Watch the speed at which the US epidemic starts to take off. By the end of March, the US has surpassed every country on earth and from that point on no other country is even close. The US has more cases than China, Italy, and Spain combined. Over 400,000 Americans!! Imagine all of the people in Indian River County and St. Lucy County combined.

In terms of the spread of Covid 19, why does the greatest country in the world show up on this graphic as the worst country in the world? What are we doing wrong? What can we do about it?

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