What Can We Do?

This is a copy of an email message that went out to the members of our 36th Lane – East – Community Support Group.

We have been washing our hands. We are avoiding large gatherings. We are maintaining social distancing. We are looking out for each other in our 36th Lane community. But, in addition to taking all the steps to follow crucial safety guidelines for our self, our family, and our local community, what can we do to help others affected by the COVID-19 pandemic?

Photo by Branimir Balogović on Unsplash

You may already be doing something to help others outside of our community or you may be thinking about it and not quite sure where to go. Whatever position you are in; I think it would be helpful to all of us if we shared ideas and information about helping others. Sharing how you are helping may inspire others to action as well.

Therefore, I would like anyone interested to join me in a Zoom Community Meeting. The topic of discussion will be “What Can We Do?”  I will send the Zoom invite out to all of our members and if you are interested, please join the meeting.

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