How Can I Help? Zoom Meeting

Here are some take a ways from the 36 Lane community Zoom meeting held on Thursday.  

Giving is more than just money.

Have you noticed, now, when you go into a grocery store, just about everyone is wearing a mask? Have you also noticed how a mask hinders conversation? You can’t see a smile, a grimace? The mask takes away a vital part of conversation. It is similar to email. It is difficult to “read” a person through text only or “read” a person’s emotions behind a mask.  

Keep this in mind as you interact with these people who come to work in this possibly hazardous environment every day. Also, most of them wear name tags, so make it a point to call them by name and personally thank them for coming to work. And if you have spare change, tip them. In normal times they are not allowed to take tips, but these are not normal times.

Photo by James Wainscoat on Unsplash

Interact with Family and Friends

If you know someone who is alone, give them a call. Your extemporaneous call may make their day!

Schedule a Zoom family night each week. Keep in mind that a free Zoom account allows for a limit of 40 minutes per call if you have more than one invitee. If you are hosting the Zoom meeting, it is a good idea to send an email reminder to the family. In the email message you can list topics that might be discussed and ask for additional topics from your family. Your meeting should be less “random” if you have some time to prepare. OR……….  Just wing it!!!

Support restaurants that have closed

One of our members said they eat out a lot and many eateries have been forced to reduce or close operations due to the outbreak. If you want to support your local restaurant, consider ordering takeout or purchasing a gift card or merchandise.

Someone said, “Gift cards are like interest-free loans.” Having some income from the gift cards could help a restaurant get back up and running again. Someone also said, “Be careful, the restaurant might not make it when all of this is over”.

Support our first responders and medical workers

One of our members is going to offer handmade masks to the workers at the fire station on 26th Street. If they do not need them or can’t accept the masks, them a personal friend, who is a paramedic, will be approached to see if she has a need for these masks.

We also discussed Pets, Seniors, Shopping etc.

A video recording was made of this meeting with the intent of sharing it, but it is a HUMONGUS file and it will be difficult to share it.

To everyone who shared, we thank you!!

If you have questions, leave a comment below and we will get back to you ASAP.

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