Task Force To Reopen Florida

Where are the scientists?  This task force is made up of politicians, lawyers, realtors and political appointees of questionable integrity.

We are in the middle of a battle with an enemy unlike we have ever seen before! An enemy that has struck down over 1 million US citizens and killed more than 56,000 of our fellow Americans. This is more deaths then we experienced in Vietnam.  This is an enemy that is now present in Florida cities and towns. This is an enemy that at least ONE person on this task force should be able to identify. Is there anyone on this task force that has this type of warfare experience? Are there any combat veterans on this task force?

We do not need to reinvent the wheel. Look to other states that have also had to deal with this enemy. There are states that have successful plans in place. They are battle hardened and can offer tremendous assistance based on their experience.

This enemy does not recognize race, religion, political affiliation or geographic borders. As our governor enlists his army to fight this killer he should not either. Our lives are in therir hands. Don’t mess this up!

Yes, this is a task force to reopen, but shouldn’t we be winning the war first?

Gov DeSantis Task Force To Reopen Florida

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