Covid-19 Vaccinations at Publix

But not in Indian River County!!

Publix is providing Covid-19 vaccinations in the state of Florida.  BUT NOT IN INDIAN RIVER COUNTY. 

When I spoke with Publix Corporate, they told me that they did not know when IRC Publix will have the vaccine and they also told me that the Florida Department of Health is making the decision as to when Publix in Indian River will receive the vaccine. When I looked at the list of counties where the vaccine was available at Publix, I could not see a “rhyme or reason” to their choices.

Covid Vaccine Florida

If you have a lot of time, try to talk with someone at the Florida Department of Health, 850 245-4444 and let them know we exists.  Maybe it’s the squeaky wheel syndrome. If so, tell all of your friends.

Let me know if you find out anything.

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