To Boat or Not To Boat – That was the Question

My first boat was purchased in 1973 and sold in 1986. Then I went without a boat while my son grew up, went to collage, and married. I retired!            In 2012 the decision as to whether or not to get another boat arose and this was the primary question that had to be answered: Could I handle it?

From past experiences I knew that boating required a lot of knowledge and also physical conditioning; so I decided to take an on the water boating course and a Google search indicated many choices. I decided on the American Sailing Associations Basic ASA 101 course because it promised to be the “most rigorous, safety-first education instruction available”. And that is what I was looking for.

The two-day course was offered out of Tampa, Florida and the boat was a Hunter 33. Now isn’t that special. After successfully completing the 101 course, the professional instructors assured me I was ready for a boat if I so desired.


And I did!