Why Dons Family Blog?

This is a strange URL

Well, it’s a long story. First, in February of 2018, the Sunday II blog was hosted as a FREE WordPress blog at “sundayii.wordpress.com”. It was my first attempt at a blog and a major disadvantage with the free hosting service was ads! There are other disadvantages, but advertisements are the worst.

Then, in March of 2019, a family member suggested I start a blog that would focus on our family. I thought this was a good idea and I did not want the family blog to have advertisements so I purchased a domain name, “Donsfamilyblog.org”, and paid for a hosting service at Site Ground. I set up the family blog with this new domain name and hosting service and then I sent out email announcements to family about this new blog. The response was NOT overwhelming. I only received two positive replies.

So, I decided to take down the family blog and import the sundayii.wordpress.com blog into donsfamilyblog.org. Now, I have Sunday II being hosted on a paid domain/server and I can enjoy all of the benefits of a paid hosting service.

If you have any questions regarding this whole operation, leave me a comment below.

Some of the ads on wordpress.com were pretty gross. Here is one example.

Ad from WordPress.com